Saturday, 7 June 2008

toronto zoo

ready for fun

it's a butterfly!

a rhinocerous


this, children, is a giraffe


this poor hyena looked kinda stir crazy; he kept taking a few steps across his enclosure then pacing back...

ein löwe


not an offical zoo resident - just a chipmunk hanging out

a lovely owl

how rattlesnakes see us

fish + coral

tiny jellyfish

tiny marmosets

flamingo party

leopard nap

nap with a friend

tree kangaroo!

przewalski's horse: pronounced "psheh-valski", polish learners take note

non-specific antelope species

amusing myself in the gift shop

this is a lot of fun

why stop now?

the staff don't seem to mind

i can't afford any of this junk anyway

1 comment:

martijn said...

Hello new blog. I like how it looks like the giraffe has no legs. I mean, I don't like to think of legless giraffers, but he does look a lot more down-to-earth does he not?