one million kisses for one million girls

Saturday, 7 June 2008

toronto zoo

ready for fun

it's a butterfly!

a rhinocerous


this, children, is a giraffe


this poor hyena looked kinda stir crazy; he kept taking a few steps across his enclosure then pacing back...

ein löwe


not an offical zoo resident - just a chipmunk hanging out

a lovely owl

how rattlesnakes see us

fish + coral

tiny jellyfish

tiny marmosets

flamingo party

leopard nap

nap with a friend

tree kangaroo!

przewalski's horse: pronounced "psheh-valski", polish learners take note

non-specific antelope species

amusing myself in the gift shop

this is a lot of fun

why stop now?

the staff don't seem to mind

i can't afford any of this junk anyway

Friday, 6 June 2008

canada in pictures

cn tower friday 23rd may

view over toronto

looking west along lake ontario

the glass floor in the cn tower is strong enough to hold 14 rhinoceroses: i know this to be true because there really were 14 rhinos up there the day i visited

inside the awesome sonic boom!

honest ed's, as seen in scott pilgrim 3

the tranzac building hosts the toronto zine library and a number of other cultural organisations

the toronto zine library

more zines...

saturday at the yardsale: i couldn't buy this as it would've been a nightmare to travel with. but pandas! on a rock! in a little japanese glass display case!

today every fire hydrant in oshawa was being painted by a pair of teenage girls

maria hlady's playing piano installation at the robert mclaughlin art gallery, oshawa

an uncharacteristically pretty view of oshawa... sorry oshawa

kensington market, toronto on car free sunday

cute graffiti on queen st west

in the washroom at fresh

a sweet cat hanging out in kevin's apartment on monday morning

kevin's lps - 7"s, cds, cd-rs, cassettes not shown...

teresa reflected in the window of a little art gallery on queen st west

walking from the bus station to kensington market

crossing these wide roads requires your full concentration: it didn't help that i kept looking the wrong way for oncoming traffic

the beguiling rules!

girls browsing a clothes rail, standing by a mannequin

a playful mystery cat outside the beguiling

leaving toronto on the lakeside east train on monday night